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The First Choice for Tattoos in Gunnison

Gunnison Ink in Gunnison, Colorado, has more than 15 years of experience in tattoo and body piercing. Our tattoo shop was founded on the belief that each tattoo is as unique as the skin it inhabits. Create a unique piece of art customized for you. At Gunnison Ink, we follow strict safety guidelines. Specializing in black and gray, cover-ups, Asian inspired designs, floral & botanical designs, and more. Whether desire to commemorate your life philosophies & passions, memorialize a loved one, fallen hero or pet or simply add another piece to your living art collection, Gunnison Ink in Gunnison, Colorado can help you. Our staff is made of seasoned pros ready to bring your vision to reality, no matter how complex. Want a tattoo but not sure which is right for you? Desire a new piercing but not sure where? Stop by to talk with one of our artists — let us design your dreams.


At Gunnison Ink, we know that you have an array of options when searching out a studio. We proudly included with all of our tattoo and piercing services is a personal consultation in which we discuss the tattoo or piercing design, meaning, placement, and more. We do everything necessary to make you feel safe and comfortable in our studio. 

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